MPC, Vancouver, 04/2014

I've worked with many many compositors over the years but few are as genuinely talented as Vincent. He has an excellent balance of creative and technical compositing skills. There is little he doesn't know about Nukes capabilities and tool sets however he is also a gifted artist capable of first class look development. He understands what makes a good composition, he understands how cameras work and how to get that "photographic" feel... but, most importantly, he understands how to get shots finaled.
These are outstanding attributes for a compositor but Vincent offers more. He is a talented leader of men. He knows how to talk to people, how to motivate them and how to manage their moods, concerns and stress levels. He is always eager to help and is an excellent and diligent teacher.
Vincents only achilles heel is that sometimes he cares too much and should learn to let go.... but if managing perfectionism is the hardest part of working with an artist then I'll take it every time.
I can count the number of artists who are as talented as Vincent on one hand.... and I've worked with hundreds.
Mark Curtis, Head of Compositing, MPC Vancouver

Digital Domain, Vancouver, 04/2011

“Working with Vincent has been a complete pleasure and I couldn't recommend him highly enough. As a compositor he's pretty much got it all: A great eye, strong technical understanding, exemplary quality control and especially a fantastic attitude. Vincent is a great team player and a star compositor. I'm very much looking forward to having the opportunity to work with Vincent again and I know he's going to find himself in great demand.”
Mark Richardson, Compositing Supervisor Digital Domain

“Vincent is a strong talented compositor with a great attitude, even in difficult times of production! He pays close attention to detail, has a strong eye, takes initiative, finds solutions, and is a team player. He doesn’t hesitate in asking for what he needs in making shots look the best they can be and he delivers. He takes each of his shots to the next level of higher quality. I look forward to having another opportunity to work with Vincent again.”
Betsy Mueller, Lead Lighter Digital Domain

“Vincent is a talented artist with lots of energy. He has great problem solving skills and he works hard. I look forward to work with him again.”
Rasoul Shafeazadeh, Matte Painter Digital Domain

“I had the pleasure with working with Vincent at Digital Domain on the same team of compositors. He has a fantastic eye for detail, and both the creative, and technical knowledge to produce superb work to a very high standard.
He is also very good at communicating information, either through the sharing of knowledge, or the offering of his, always valued, feedback on work done by others.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with him, and I very much hope to work with him again in the future.”
Daniel Cairnie, Digital Compositor Digital Domain

ModusFX, Montreal, 10/2010

“Vincent is an exceptionally talented digital artist and a great team leader. He always showed a great aptitude to handle complex shots and deliver stunning imagery. I warmly recommend Vincent and look forward to work with him again.”
Luc Julien, Compositing Supervisor ModusFX

“Vincent is an excelent compositor, lead And group member. Always thinks about having a good quality work. In order to achive that goal He is always happy to help his team taking the time to explain every process very carefully.”
Andrea Espinal, Digital Compositor ModusFX

Mikros Image, Paris, Liege, 10/2009

“Vincent is a detail-oriented compositor who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without loosing sight of the strategic objective”
Malica Benjemia, VFX Producer MikrosImage Liege

“Vincent is a very talented compositor and it's a real pleasure to work with him. He is able to collaborate with a great team. He has a real ability to work with new tools and make propositions for tools enhancements. I strongly recommend him as compositor and I am looking forward to work with him again !”
Guillaume Pondard, Head of VFX MikrosImage Liege